SALT ____ At A Glance

Salt and salt products from Alhamd traders are characterized by consistent product quality and reliable delivery. The naturally high purity of our rock salt, with high sodium chloride content, offers the best prerequisites for product quality. Another natural and very advantageous feature is the very low content of heavy metals, the minimum water content in the salt – both for the further processing by chloralkali electrolysis and for storage and subsequent use.

Rock Salt History

Discovery of Rock Salt dates back to the days of Alexander the Great in 326 B.C. The licking of mountainous surface by the horses of Alexander the Great led to the discovery of Rock Salt deposits at Khewra, that is a huge and one of the richest Salt fields in the World. Salt is indispensable to a wide array of Chemical Industry, Textile Industry, automotive and electronic product, as to water treatment, food, healthcare and lots of more alike commodities related to human needs.
The Rock Salt found in Pakistan is arguably amongst the best that can be found in the world. The purity levels of these rock salts can go up to 99% with minimum impurities. Pakistan enjoys important sustainable competitive advantages due to the many salt ranges, larger mines with thicker mineral deposits those thick mineral deposits make mining more productive and efficient.