Edible Himalayan Pink salt:

Without any doubts, our pink salt is World’s best edible salt because it is rich in every mineral and trace elements found in the human body. The Himalayan Pink Salt adds flavor to various dishes. It is believed that The Himalayan Pink Salt is the purest form of salt. It is available mainly in three grades light, medium and dark pink with variety of grains sizes and can be custom-made at buyer’s request per needs.

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Smoked Salt:

We can provide four different grades of smoked salt to its customers, which is one of the rarest salts in Pakistan and is not produced in many other countries. The smoked salt can be used alone or mixed into other spices.

Its production is all natural and no chemicals, artificial flavors or colors are used. The smoke flavor is added into the salt by putting the salt over burning wood for around 48 ~ 120 hours. Smoked Salt is used by high-end celebrity chefs around the world, with a handful of manufacturers globally; this product adds distinction to our product range of edible salts.